A B O U T  U S

A man's brain is like a big warehouse filled with boxes. There’s a box for every subject we've ever studied and a box for every memorable event. But our most favorite box is a box that contains absolutely nothing. We call it “The Nothing box”. A beautiful place we visit when we need to escape the busy and hectic life. A place where we can reset and start dreaming.

My name is Sander, founder of NOTHINGBOX.

Ever since I can remember I have been addicted to graphic design, photography and video. I started off creating photo albums and travel videos which have become very valuable memories to me and my family. It made me realize the power of good images. Images that tickle your senses in multiple ways. It's simply the best way to convey a message, relive a moment or tell a story. And so mine began.

At NOTHINGBOX we tell stories. Stories of magical events and beautiful brands. But these stories are not ours, they're yours. Tell us what your goals are and we help you build a powerful brand or memory through video and photography. Wether you need a one-off video or help with creating a strong brand identity, WE GOT YOU!   

We are based just outside of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Interested? Send us a message!


We have helped several brands with visual storytelling. Our goal is to make consumers and (potential) clients experience the brand in the right way and help you reach your goals. Here's a selection of the brands we have worked with, check out our portfolio for our work.

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